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Monday, 6 February 2012

Catching up. Part 4.

This SHOULD be the last of the catch up entries. I hope so anyway! I dislike the fact that I am having to condense everything down to one paragraph per event.

So, I finished off on 18th January. So what else has been happening?

  • 21st January it rained and rained and rained. Luckily by the evening it had stopped as we had plans in the form of a 40th birthday party for a friend which we had met at one of the Brit meets. The party was at their house, they had a Mexican caterer in for the food. The party was a lot of fun and we got to talk to people we knew already together with a lot of people we had never met before.
  • 22nd January we decided to head to the zoo, whilst we have the passes hubby had actually not been since we had them. He really wanted to see the Koalas. We got to the zoo and discovered that the Koalas are currently not on display as they are in the process of building them a new home which will take up to 6 months to build. San Diego zoo has the largest amount of Koalas outside of Australia. Whilst we didnt get to see the Koalas we did see quite a lot of animals- as usual it was only a few hours there, the zoo is so big that you could probably spread it out over a number of days to see all the animals. We took a ride on the cable car also.

  • 25th January I was meant to go meet my friend from Scotland. This did not happen as there was a slight issue with the toilet overflowing with water upon flushing. A day of cleaning the bathroom and rest of the bathroom followed.
  • On the evening of the 25th hubby and I met with a couple we know through his work for dinner, we ended up at a place in Mission Valley called Luna Grill which is a Mediterranean Cafe. Read that as Greek and Turkish food. I had a Lamb kabob (yes that is how it is spelt out here) whilst hubby had a chicken one. It is rare to find places which sell lamb for some reason out here. Saying that I have seen very few sheep! It was a good evening.
  • I had my first driving lesson on 26th January, given that I hadnt been behind the wheel (other than 20 minutes round an industrial estate down the road from here) for 13 years when I failed a test I was expecting to have a nice easy warm up and recalling lesson. As it happened I did most manoevuers and drove on a lot of roads with all different speed limits! I have a lot to learn but overcoming the initial fear and realising my knowledge was better than I thought it was is a good start! I dont suspect I will be writing anymore about the learning process or about my driving test as and when it happens (unless I pass and then I will talk about it!).
  • Saturday we headed down to Mission Beach and parked up then walked to Pacific Beach. We had made loose plans with friends that if we saw them we would go for beer and burgers. As we reached the pier we found them. Good timing or what? We went and had lunch at Pacific Beach Ale House and were sat up on the roof terrace. Perfect sunshine, good beer and good conversation. It was just a shame that the food was not 100% it seems they had a few computer issues which caused havoc to their system. Hubby and I wandered round PB (Pacific Beach) a bit more then walked back. Worked out after that we had walked 5 miles! Wow. It didnt feel that much.
  • Sunday we decided to head out to Seaworld- we had not been since 2009 and quite a few bits had changed, first of all the horses which are linked to the company who own Budweiser were not there, there was nothing in relation to Budweiser at all in fact and in the place where the Budweiser part had been there was some other animals and some items for sale. They are currently in the process of rebuilding the home for the dolphins so we didn't get to see them (we missed the show by 10 minutes!) and a new rollercoaster. We actually ended up getting annual passes because it only takes two visits to get value for money.

  • Monday I got lots of great stuff in the mail from the UK. I still love receiving mail especially DECENT chocolate

  • Last but definitely not least we went round to some friends for dinner on 31st, there was quite a lot of us there- 11 in total, we had lasagna followed by cheesecake, the food was good, the conversation was good and I somehow managed to drink a whole bottle of wine ooops!
So... thats me up to date at least to til the end of January! Back to normal (for me) entries soon :)

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