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Sunday, 30 October 2011

25 Things which have occurred recently & apartment photos

Time has literally been zooming by the past couple of weeks. Its unbelievable that Wednesday I will have been here 8 weeks and that next monday is two months.

Things have been crazy busy. I feel happy when hectic as most people will know!

In a nutshell since writing we have:

  1.  Moved from the temporary apartment to our permanent apartment (well for at least a year). 
  2.  Been to a thing at his work where me and the other girls dressed up
  3. Have bought a ton of items for the new place most of which we had in the UK but couldnt bring to the USA because of voltage differences. On a completely different note, why is it that when I see the word Voltage I think of that song "Danger, danger... High Voltage"?
  4. Joined Costco where we bought a pack of 30 toilet rolls, a pack of 12 kitchen rolls, a pack of 110 dishwasher tablets oh and other items which were not bulk buys. Just how long 30 toilet rolls will last I am yet to discover! A few months I am guessing.
  5. He passed his driving test.
  6. Had an unsuccessful trip looking for cars.
  7. The container with all our belongings from the UK arrived. It came in a big red Hamburg Sud Container. I always wondered when we were in the UK what was in those containers. Now I know. It could be someone elses stuff.
  8. Realised that actually we wish we hadnt kept at least HALF of what we had.
  9. Wondered what happened to some things which we had thought we had packed. Though soon after realised we had probably thrown out my woollen dress thinking it would be too hot here.
  10.  Had a wonderful day out with the ladies in which we shopped in Walmart and Home Goods and ate Ice cream from Coldstone.
  11. Carved a pumpkin.
  12. Did some of the cleaning of the temporary apartment. I shall return Wednesday to complete the rest.
  13. Discovered that treacle out here is Molasses. May return to the shop to buy some tomorrow to make gingerbread another day. Need to perfect it out here before serving.
  14. Sent off forms for work permit. Had to wait because needed a couple of his payslips.
  15. Cleaned this apartment. A lot. It wasnt dirty to start with.
  16. Got cable television. Still cant find anything to watch other than Hoarders and Storage wars. Panicked slightly that I may be a slight hoarder. Nothing in comparison with these people however. Vowed when/if we move back (more likely when than if but who knows) we will take back very little stuff. We do not need possessions to be happy.
  17. Drank wine. At 6 dollars for 1.75 litres it would be illegal NOT to. Well. It is Californian wine so we are buying local.
  18. Despaired at the taste of some of the chocolate. Milk Duds and Whoppers do not have a chocolatey taste. Cant quite figure out WHAT the taste is. BUT... it is not pleasant.
  19. Had dinner at a Sizzler. It was in a rather ghetto like area of San Diego. Though nowhere near as ghetto as some of the areas we accidently found ourselves in when in Miami or the area my mum and I ended up in when in Chicago.
  20. Discovered that I have indeed lost weight. Let's hope the weight continues to go that way.
  21. Got woken up by the smoke alarm both Thursday and Friday. The maintenance guys came and changed the batteries on Friday. We were not interrupted at all this weekend. Hopefully it should be quiet tomorrow too.
  22. Finally started getting mail delivered to this address from people. Mail times vary greatly.
  23. Got the surround sound set up.
  24. Discovered that the garage which is literally 3 minutes walk away has an amazing selection of items.
  25. Failed to get to X Factor USA. But instead explored Laguna beach. Shame we didnt have a camera on us or phone capable of taking pictures as had we managed to get to the X Factor show we would not have been allowed to take them in.
I think that's enough of a list. I should be getting to bed as tomorrow I will bedoing stuff for the moving in party/halloween party we are having in the evening. Though I am not sure 6 people constitutes a party. More a gathering.

Anyway. Here are apartment photos. I know that 90% of people will scroll right down and ignore the above text :)

Part of our closet
more of the closet
our teeny little bathroom. The sink is in the passageway.
The sink

The second bathroom
one side of our bedroom
The other side of the bedroom
part of the kitchen
more of the kitchen
utility closet

Lounge part of our lounge/diner
Diner part of lounge/diner

2nd Bedroom
2nd bedroom closet

Part of the balcony
More of the balcony

That's all for now. Time to sleep!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

15th & 16th October- Lake Poway, Ramona, Julian and Borrego Springs

Last of the photo blogposts for now which is a good thing as I have another written entry to come over the next week which will include the photos of our new apartment which we get the keys to on Saturday.

Last weekend we had planned to go and look for furniture for the apartment. However, we changed our mind and instead went to a couple of malls and to Lake Poway on the Saturday then on the Sunday we went to Ramona, Julian and Borrego Springs these are a sampler of some of the photos.

Lake Poway



Borrego Springs

9th October- 5th Avenue Auto Showcase and Downtown photos

When we got back from New Mexico we had thought about going back and chilling. Lucky we didnt really because if we had we would have missed the 5th Avenue Auto Showcase and not enjoyed the beautiful weather.