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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Catching up. Part 3.

So where was I?

  • 2nd January was my brother's birthday, we ended up going right down to the border of Mexico to Las Americas Premium Outlets but didnt go over the border to Mexico, we have been told it is not safe at this time. Also the hire car my parents had wouldnt have covered travel within Mexico. We then headed onto the Plaza Bonita Mall for a bit where we ate and shopped. There was a really good deal on in Bath and Bodyworks where if you purchased one of the small Christmas/winter scented candles you got a free glass for burning it in so of course I got some of those!
  • 3rd January we had a day out in which we explored Point Loma, Ocean Beach and Old Town. In Ocean Beach we went to a place called Hodad's where we had the most enormous burgers! Here is a selection of pictures from the day which were stolen borrowed from my mum and brother.

  • I didnt head out on 4th January with them as I decided to have a quiet day around the house getting caught up with laundry etc so that they could go back and not need to do any laundry. They went home on 5th January, we had such a lovely but busy time while there were here! I wonder when we will have our next visitors here.
  • 6th January hubby and I met up with our friends- it was a belated new years celebration. We headed to a place called Urban Solace which is in the North Park area of San Diego. The building was absolutely beautiful as was the decor. The prices however were quite high. Additionally we found the food to be a bit of a disappointment. Everything we ate tasted sweet! Still the evening was great, good conversations with friends is what we had gone for. It does seem however that everytime we all meet up and go out for dinner it is a slight disappointment.
  • It was another friend of our's birthday on 13th January so quite a few of us headed with a BBQ to Mission Bay Park on 14th January. It was lovely to catch up with everyone. I still cant quite get used to the being able to BBQ in January! Hubby and I are used to being layered up and staying in!
  • I had received my work permit on Christmas Eve so the job search started on 15th January, many of the jobs require a driving license so at present the job search is limited to retail and other places which I can get to by bus. As of today- 2nd February I have applied for 16 different retail places, not one has come back to me. The unemployment figures here are as high as in the UK so I am not going to panic, additionally there is the fact that my retail experience may be too old, that they may not recognise my experience and qualifications so far and that in some cases whilst you can apply for jobs there isnt actually anything available at that time. Will keep on plodding along.
  • I met with my friend from Scotland on 18th January, we met at the Fashion Valley Transit center which is right next to the mall then got a bus down to Downtown. After a walk around the Gaslamp district we walked down to Seaport village, around the Embarcadero park, along the harbour past USS Midway and the Maritime Museum before taking a walk down to Little Italy, a place with many different Italian restaurants. We ended up having Pizza at Landini's Pizzeria where they had a fantastic deal of 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $6, the pizza was really good too. The day out made me realise the following: 1) I need to take my camera out more. 2) there is still a lot of San Diego that we need to explore!
I had hoped to finish off my update on this blog entry but there is still so much more to write, so another will follow shortly.

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