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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Two weeks in

So it has been two weeks now since we arrived. Three weeks since my last day at work. Well, two weeks TOMORROW evening.... and three weeks tomorrow lunchtime since I left work.

The first week of being on my own was certainly challenging. There is only so much housework you can do and even laundry is not never ending. When I was working I had a never ending to do list of things I had to do. Yet now? Well. I seem to have a very short to do list and some of it is out of my control right now.

Most people would love being able to bask in the sunshine without the need to work. I however am weird and proud of it. I find that I can do just sitting around. I like to be doing stuff and seeing people.

My emails are responded to within 48 hours, all my internet stuff is up to date, my photos uploaded quickly and all the other things which I dont normally have time for is in order!

I have met two lovely ladies, who are the wives of colleagues that he works with. One of which has been out here for 6 weeks already. I did ask how she kept sane and she explained it was the wine. The wine is indeed very cheap in comparison to the United Kingdom. My favourite brand works out at 3.19$ a bottle. It is approximately 1 dollar 60 cents to the pound. I dont know anywhere in the UK where I could get a bottle of wine which does not resemble paint stripper for 2 quid!

The weekend arriving was just what I needed. I was in desparate need to see more than just the immediate area. Not that there is anything wrong with the area of course! It's more than adequate and is clean and feels safe. Despite the occasional beggar finding their way there... or some random man saying you look good. Whole different story.

We went for a meal at Applebee's on the Friday night. I had been to an Applebee's a couple of times before and had always been pretty satisfied with the food. This time? Well while the appetizer was nice, I was not so impressed with the main meal.

Saturday we had to seek out a bank to pay in our cheque. The bank in question is popular in the United Kingdom. However, in the San Diego area there are only 2 or 3 branches and the one in the Downtown area was not open on a Saturday. So to Chula Vista we headed.

While down there we decided to take a look at the malls. The first one was really not that great (Chula Vista Center for anyone who is interested) so we were not there long before heading to the Las Americas Premium Outlets.

We pulled up in the car park and this is what the Sat Nav showed:

The blue arrow was us. Yes, we were right next to the border between United State and Mexico.

As was demonstrated when we got out of the car and saw this:
Yes, that wall is the border, the other side you can see the Mexican flag flying.

We didnt get to Mexico this time. But I think being that close has convinced him that we do indeed need to get there some point given that it is so close. Of course, we cant do that in a hire car!

We had a successful shop there and then headed to another mall called Plaza Bonita to finish the spree off. Three malls in one day is really my limit and even then I skip 90% of the shops.

I was actually quite spoilt all in all. None of the items were even that expensive.

Sunday we decided on a road trip, our original plan had been to just go to Palm Springs. But road trips are always subject to change. I had seen a sign for Temecula. He had been there before, but I hadnt... so we headed there, and discovered the old town which he had not seen before.

It was a lot hotter there than in San Diego, which was actually quite odd given that it was not far away at all. It was a really nice place which you COULD spend a whole day in, but as our plan had been to just go to Palm Springs we decided after an hour to head onwards.

Except. I saw a sign for a place called Idyllwild which he had been to previously. So we headed there.


It was another beautiful village but we didnt stay long. It was gone 1... and it was still an hour or so to drive before we reached Palm Springs.

En route to Palm Springs:

We soon arrived in Palm Springs, It was a lot hotter there than in San Diego. San Diego has temperatures of around 73-75 degrees (don't ask me what that is in celcius I think the approximate calculation is to minus 30 and then divide by 2 that would make it about 21.5 degrees).

Palm Springs however:

In Palm Springs we had a wander around and had some food. There didnt seem to be a whole lot to do there, but it was a nice atmosphere and the heat was very nice. I think it would be a lovely place to kick back and relax for a couple of days by a pool with some very inexpensive alcohol.

Palm Springs:

We took the quick route back.... and by 6pm when we were back at the apartment we were completely exhausted.

It was a fun... but very busy weekend. A mini holiday/vacation of sorts.

This week. Well, we are TRYING to start to get organised more... and move forward. This has not been without issues. Details to follow next time.... Once we have got somewhere!

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