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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All the small things.

When we came over here originally we found ourself deep in the 'burbs (suburbs), hubby's work had paid for us to stay in this area and it was close to his work. About 3 miles in fact.

Well, we didnt have a great deal of time to find a place to stay so stuck with the same area, its safe, its pretty, its clean. Oh and not to mention boring, there is no action. There is no fun and the public transportation links are lacking. One bus South and one bus North an hour does not cut it.

Well. I was on Yelp, I was looking at the Sombrero's which is down the road from us. Sombrero's is a San Diegan chain of Mexican food.

What did I discover? Well according to Yelp, the Sombrero's near us was the one that Blink 182, the band famous for the songs "what's my age again", "All the Small things" and other hits used to eat in (possibly occasionally swing by there?) that Sombrero's as they were originally from an area only 2 miles away from here.

In addition one of the band members used to live in this same area as us. I wonder if he was in one of the 1200ish apartments or in one of the huge houses.

Also, the song "Josie" they sing about Sombrero's.

I found this Youtube video-

This is not my video, I do not own the copyright.

That place they are eating at is the Sombrero's right round the corner.

It may only be a "small thing" but you know what? I now feel that the area I live in is a tiny bit cooler than it was before. Hey, if one of the Blink 182 members were living here then its fine for me.

Still, doesnt mean I wont be looking for an area with more to do and better public transportation come October when our lease is over!

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