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Monday, 17 October 2011


Oops. It would seem I have not written a blogpost since 27th September.

I admit, I have been busy.

Mainly we have been exploring. We visited Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Liberty Station and Old Town on 30th September then on 1st October we went to a British Car event at Liberty Station.

My birthday was 6th October so the birthday celebrations started on the 5th October and carried on until the 9th October. The 5th was spent with friends then the 6th Marcus took me to malls and we had cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!

The weekend was spent in New Mexico visiting Santa Fe and going to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. The fiesta was amazing. I am a geek and had always wanted to go and see the fiesta. I think I first wanted to go about 10-15 years ago when I saw a framed picture in Athena of all the balloons going up. The temperature in New Mexico was much colder than here in California so if I was to go again I would need much warmer clothes.

We returned on the morning of the 9th and had planned to go and chill for the day. However, the weather was so beautiful that we headed off to the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego to see the 5th Avenue Auto Showcase and also visited the Horton Plaza mall.

We get the keys to our more permanent apartment this Saturday. So, this weekend just gone should have been about looking for furniture and accessories. Yes we have some furniture but we still need a bed (our place is 2 bedroom), a chest of drawers and a beside cabinet. That didnt happen!

Saturday we went down to a check cashing place. Basically as we are not in the system yet due to being new for us to have a gas and electricity account we had to go show our ID, we also have to pay a deposit on our account when we get the first bill. So many new things we are learning here. I feel like I am starting life from scratch.

We had then gone to Time Warner Cable but their office was closed. We have scheduled our install of telephone, cable and internet for the afternoon of 24th but completely forgotten that we had something else going on.

We also went to a couple of malls. Looking for ideas for the home basically. One thing I do know is that we wont be buying our stuff from Crate & Barrel. While the stuff in there is fantastic the prices are quite high. Afterwards we visited Lake Poway and the shops in Poway.

Yesterday we had a daytrip out to Ramona, Julian and Borrego Springs. I know I really need to do a photo entry. But first I need to sort out a couple of photos from each of the places we went and upload them to a photo hosting site and then upload them to here. Its quite a long process and well, things are pretty hectic right now.

My work permit form has been submitted to the lawyers, I now need to complete another form and send some photos in to them. Once that has been submitted I need to wait to hear about an appointment to give my fingerprints. It can take up to 3 months for me to get a work permit should it be granted. Yes, there is a possibility it can be denied. Thank god I have a few projects I need to get into over the coming weeks.

We get the keys to the apartment on Saturday, our new home for the next 12 months. Though our container of furniture will not arrive until midweek! I find it quite odd in a way that on 2nd September all of our stuff was put in a container and almost two months later it will be delivered to us. I have forgotten half of what is in there. I am pretty sure there will be stuff that I will question our reasons for keeping!

We have a party at his work, the installation of the cable services and all the unpacking. Plenty to keep me occupied. I look forward to being in a more permanent home with all our belongings around us. I feel that things will then feel more settled once we are in there.

He has his theory test this week, next we will need to organise his driving test and find a car. It is all go. But slowly but surely through the baby steps we are getting somewhere.

I will try and update again soon, perhaps a photo entry in the next week or so.

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