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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Air Freight, Apartments, Ball games and exploring!

So. Another week has gone by. Three weeks already.

I am finding it easier and easier to fill the days. This concerns me as when I do get a job I will have a constant huge to do list of things I havent got the time to do because I am working. Bit like I used to have then?

Friday our air freight came. They said between half 8 and half 10 they would arrive... they arrived at quarter past 8. How is that for service?

There was 9 boxes. I wasnt entirely sure what had arrived and this was both exciting and nerve wracking! As it turned out there was most of our clothes and our shoes. My dresses and our coats were not in with the air freight. The coat thing is not such an issue but the dresses? Well.. I wont be off out anywhere until they arrive. Cant wear my sparkly heels with jeans and a t-shirt!

It would seem that he has more clothes than me. His take up 2 shelves. Mine take up 1 and a half. I do however have more shoes but that is a given.

There are 4 boxes we have left packed. All of the board games, bedding, towels and cuddly toys. None of which is required at this time. Oh and they packed our globe. Very useful. Not.

All of the air freight.
The stuff we have left packed.
The wardrobe after

Friday I saw rain. Yes, this was the first time I had seen rain out here since we arrived. It didnt last very long but I went out and watched it on the balcony. I love the smell of rain when it hasn't rained for a while.

Saturday we went out apartment hunting. Went round all 4 apartment communities near us. We were trying to decided between this community that we are currently in or another apartment community. We ended up deciding on the other apartment community for a number of reasons. Firstly the person we were speaking to was much more helpful but additionally the actual apartment which was in a nicer location and had a better layout.

The apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one of which can be accessed without walking through a bedroom), two big closets, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, garage and a parking space. Oh and the balcony is accessible from the lounge/diner and both the bedrooms. The gym is not as big as this community that we are on now.

Have to say that we were put off with the community we are currently in after the woman was in a rush to tell us stuff, the apartment which was available was right up by the golf course which would have been nice had there been a view however, the apartment was on the ground floor so it was a hill view and you had the noisy air conditioning units next to the balcony. Additionally the apartment next door had eviction notices posted all over it. Not a good sign!

As we do not have a credit record in the USA it all had to be referred to the manager (as to whether we could rent the place) and we found out yesterday that yes it had been accepted. Its really odd moving to another country. It's like starting your life again. We are off to sign leases and hopefully arrange a time when I can go back in and do some measurements!

Rest of Saturday was spent doing bits and pieces. Went to Michael's (craft store) where I dreamt of all the craft activities I could do, Barnes& Noble where I wanted to take home all of the books and he had his hair cut finally!

Sunday was a lazy lie in. We then headed out for the day to Balboa Park, Mission Beach and La Jolla. I shall let the pictures do the talking...

Botanical Gardens In Balboa Park

One of the buildings in Balboa Park

Another building in Balboa Park

Sculpture in the park

Mission Beach- the Mission Bay end.

Mission Beach

Belmont Park at Mission Beach

La Jolla

Seals at La Jolla

Caves at La Jolla

Yesterday evening we went to a baseball game! San Diego Padres Vs Chicago Cubs. A very American experience! The Padres won! It was not a huge win. Padres had 2 homeruns... Cubs none. The baseball tickets were free from his work! Very nice indeed. We figured out that had we paid for the tickets and for parking and food it would easily have been 200$ for the experience!

Outside of Petco Park

Our view

After the first home run.

scoreboard... and no the score didnt change at all..

At the end!
It has been a busy week. Our certificates arrived last night as he had left them back in the UK! So we will be going to get our social security numbers this week!

Things are now moving along. Things feel less scary and much more settled!

I know that once we move into the new place (22nd October) things will feel much more settled. Still before that it is my birthday. How is it possible that I am turning 31 next week?

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