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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Catching up- Part 1.

It seems I have not written in here in close to two months. Oops indeed.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and then the more you think about what you need to write about the less inclined you are to do so.

There is NO physical way I can write all the posts I need to do to fill in for the huge gap in writing so a bullet point type entry seems to be the way forward.
  • I had my flu jab around the end of November, it could be a complete coincidence, however, the weekend that I wrote last also happened to be the week where I got ill. Ok. So not ill as in really ill but flu like symptoms and no energy which of course put me behind on lots of stuff.
  • We went to Balboa Park on 3rd December, the plan had been to go and see the lights however, by mid afternoon I was feeling terrible so we just called it quits and headed back to our friends' home to pick up the car and go get food.
Balboa Park photos from during the day:

  • We discovered the most amazing burger place that same day. I wanted comfort food, ended up with a HUGE burger at Slater's 50/50, it was delicious. So many choices and they had a ton of choices for beer as well as about 20 different tv screens to watch the football on. American football that is. I would be slightly concerned if they were showing UK football (or soccer as its known here) in an American burger joint.

  • On the way back from said burger joint we took the wrong exit and found ourselves at  what is known as Fairway village where there were literally about 40 different houses covered in lights.

  • 10th December we had a party, we invited all of the people we had met through Brit Meets, people from Yelp, friends we already knew through hubby's work and then a lot of other people from his work. Obviously we didnt have every single person we invited come but there was 24 people in the apartment. We worked out there were 5 Brits, 2 Australians, 2 New Zealanders, 1 Finnish, 1 Canadian, 1 Mexican, 1 Italian, 1 Cuban, 1 Japanese and 9 Americans. United Nations much? The party was a great success, it was extremely loud in the apartment and I am sure I consumed too much wine. But it was a lot of fun.
  • Our Christmas tree.
    Christmas tree with food for party.
    Party food
    Morning after..
     Again from morning after.
    More of same..
    Oh and more
    Oh dear
    The fridge in the morning!
    • Following the party we went for meals with two different couples. First one was at Takhrai Thai, a fantastic restaurant with authentic flavours, good food, good company. What else can you ask for? The other one was at Love Boat Sushi, I was not brave enough to try sushi but plan to eventually. I had a noodle dish which was delicious. We have promised the couple that we went with that when they get back from their trip away we will take them to Shakespeare Pub & grill as they were a lovely couple too.
    • I was contacted on the day of the party on the British Expat Forum by a lovely lady who had just moved over here from Scotland with her husband. However, I didnt discover the message until 15th December. I met up with her on 21st December and we had a good wander around Fashion Valley Mall. I was extremely happy as they had just opened a Lush store there. I had NOT been really excited at the prospect of going to Anaheim store to buy Lush! Ha!
Obviously there is MUCH more to say, however... that will have to wait til next entry! This one is HUGE as it is and very photo heavy!

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